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Terms and Conditions - Post Graduate Programmes

1. Non-Liability : Prospectus / Application Form and all other Admission Correspondence will be sent by Post / Courier. The Institute is not responsible for Postal / Courier delays or loss in transit.

2. Non-refund of fees : All fees once paid are not refundable for any reason whatsoever. Only Security Deposit will be refunded after making necessary adjustments as required.

3.1 Cancellation of Admission : Institute of Management and Development reserves the right to cancel the admission of successful candidate under any of the following circumstances:
(a) If the fees is not deposited by the stipulated date.
(b) If the candidate does not join the particular programme by the stipulated date even though the Fee has been deposited.
(c) If the candidate fails to furnish the proof of the stipulated minimum qualifications.

3.2 Provision of Non-Refund of Fees under clause 2 will also apply in cases under clauses 3.1 (b) and clause 3.1 (c).

3.3 The Institute may, at its discretion, withdraw facilities from, withhold the conferment of academic awards to, terminate the enrolment of or refuse to enrol or re-enrol persons who owe monies to the Institute.

4. Right of Alteration / Modification :
(a) Management reserves its right to alter or modify the structure of any of the programs to attain the objective of excellence.
(b) Institute of Management and Development reserves its right to modify, alter and / or include any other terms and conditions that may be deemed fit in the interest of the institution.
(c) Institute reserves its right to change the fees structure mentioned in the brochure.
(d) Institute reserves its right to change the campus location in and around NCR region or outside Delhi.

5. Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) is a programme of the Institute of Management and Development and upon successful completion of the programme requirements, the student is awarded an autonomous, non technical professional certificate of the Institute of Management and Development.

6. MBA Degree is an additional programme and is awarded through a UGC, Govt. of India recognized university through directorate of distance education and the institute has no control over the rules, guidelines, regulations and the place of conduct of classes and examination for the same. The MBA Degree is an additional programme and is an offer from the Institute of Management and Development and it can be withdrawn at any moment, without assigning any reason whatsoever and the Institute will not be liable for any consequences.

7. PGPM programme is a NON TECHNICAL Programme of the Institute of Management and Development which is a Industry centric and does not come under the preview of AICTE, State or Central Act, etc.

8. Jurisdiction : All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the Delhi Court only.

9. Limitation Clause : No dispute shall be raised after the expiry of 30 days from the date on which the process of admission and / or selection is completed.

10. Shifts : The institute imparts education in two shifts - morning shift and afternoon shift - both the shifts follow the same course curriculum and has similar course pattern.

11. The Institute reserves the right to cancel any of the courses in the event of an insufficient number of enrolments (minimum 15 students in each course). In such an event the amount deposited by the students will be refunded and no obligation of any nature what so ever will remain on the part of the management of Institute of Management and Development.

12. Attendance : All students have to fulfill the attendance criteria of 85% fixed by the institute.

13. The institute reserves the right to ask the student to withdraw from the programme if any discrepancy is found in the information furnished in the application form or the documents enclosed to support the eligibility of the student, or the performance does not meet the Institute's values and academic standards as set forth by the institute's management and the fees deposited by the student would be forfeited.

14. The student has to abide by the rules, general discipline, dress code and norms of conduct of the Institute of Management and Development during the programme.

15. Dress Code : The student has to follow proper dress code of the Institute to maintain proper discipline.

16. Candidates are required to read the prospectus thoroughly.

17. Agreement Clause : All successful candidates shall be bound by the above mentioned terms and conditions of Institute of Management and Development and the affiliating university.

18. After joining the course each student has to follow conduct rules framed by the institute.

19. The Institute occupies several sites. The courses described may be offered on one or more of these, which may be subject to change.

20. Subject to the general principles of law, the Institute gives notice that it will not accept any liability for any loss or injury sustained by a student whether in connection with his or her studies or not.

* Students can obtain parallel MBA Degree from a UGC recognized Univesity through Directorate of Distance Education.

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